Welcome to SNAP Complete Auto Repair!

SNAP Complete Auto Repair & Smog offers a comprehensive suite of automobile repair and maintenance services by knowledgable and certified technicians.

SNAP Auto Guarantee

Check with us to learn more about our 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee.

ASE Certified

Complete automotive repair and maintenance services including brake, engine, and transmission repair.

Automotive Repair Services

SNAP Complete Auto Repair & Smog provides a comprehensive selection of car repair services with expert mechanics and up-to-date certifications for the latest automotive technologies. We offer friendly, prompt and reliable service to our clients with a goal to make and keep every client satisfied. We even offer a 12 month or 12,000 miles guarantee on our work. Stop by to find out how SNAP Complete Auto Repair & Smog can take away the stress of having to deal with car problems.

Engine Overhaul

Complete engine repair & overhaul, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections by certified auto repair technicians.

Brake Repair

Whether it is a basic adjustment, pad/shoe replacement, or the complete braking system repair  we got you covered.


We will help keep your car in great driving condition through regular maintenance, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs.

Transmission Repair

From basic transmission fluid replacement to complete rebuilt, we offer complete repair and maintenance options for manual and automatic transmissions.

Electrical Services

We offer repair or part replacement services for most automotive electrical system problems such as alternator replacement or wiring problems.

Smog & Emission

STAR Certified smog check and automotive emotion system repair offered in one convenient location by certified technicians and the advanced equipment.

Steering & Suspension

We’ll steer you in the right direction when it comes to fixing steering or suspension systems, through expert advice and repair & replacement services.

Cooling System

SNAP Complete Auto Repair will help keep your vehicle’s engine operating at a comfortable temperature through regular maintenance and necessary repairs and parts replacement.

Tire Replacement

At SNAP Complete Auto Repair we offer tire repair services as well as sell and install brand name and affordable new and used tires at very competitive market prices for most cars and trucks.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

SNAP Complete Auto Repair offers factory scheduled maintenance for most vehicles.

Auto Glass Replacement

SNAP Complete Auto Repair offers auto glass replacement services for windshields and windows.

A/C & Heating

SNAP Complete Auto Repair provides comprehensive air conditioning and heating system repair and maintenance services.


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Automotive Glossary

Find out what some of the most often-used (and even some of the rarest) automotive repair and maintenance terms mean, and be more informed.