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Doug – Google – 2021
Excellent service, very friendly staff…I only go there to fix my cars

Brandy – Google – 2021
I had a great experience here last week for a smog check. It was super easy, in and out within about 10-15 minutes.
Very nice people all around!

Joseph – Google – 2021
Ray was very helpful and couldn’t have been nicer. I brought my car in Friday afternoon with a screw in my tire. Ended up being a 1/4in screw and didn’t cause a leak. We laughed about it being my lucky day. When I asked about what I owed him he said, “this ones on me”.
Second Visit: Brought my car in for a smog check. Once paper work was finished, the check itself took 10 mins. Quick, friendly service for someone with no appointment, just driving onto the lot. My OBDII was not ready to be checked, but Ray sat down with me to help me understand what I needed to do to get my car ready for another check. Very professional and courteous. For smog checks on Saturday, come in around 10am.

Moe – Yelp.com – July 21, 2020
Ray is the man. I’ve been taking my cars there for over 15 years. It’s hard to find an honest mechanic… I’m a German car enthusiast, and finding an honest mechanic that has the knowledge to work on these cars is a challenge. Just serviced my 2001 Bmw 740i M sport. She needed lower control arms and a radiator flush and hoses. With a 1 day turnaround time, the car was ready for pickup. Trust the best with the most crucial components. Ty Ray!

Joseph- Yelp.com – September 6, 2019
Always friendly service, a cushy waiting room, and quick work. What else could you ask for? Ray is the best!

Alex – Yelp.com – November 22, 2018
Ray is a rarity: A talented and honest mechanic.  His work is efficient and professional.  He does not try and push unnecessary repairs on you, and even recommends you use your warranty when possible.  His explanations are clear and he answers all your questions.
I don’t understand the reviews that mention rudeness.  Maybe some customers need to work on their manners.
I highly recommend Snap Auto Repair and Ray without reservation.

Arman – Yelp.com – Oxctober  17, 2018
Five star service every time I come by! Ray is trustworthy and honest.  He explains every repair in detail.  You never leave feeling ripped off, I bring all my vehicles to Ray including my friends and neighbors.

Brandon – Yelp.com – July 8, 2017
Had a great experience here when taking my wife’s car to get smog checked. I believe he was selling a car to a person buying his son’s first car. The interaction between the two was very relaxed and like they had known each other for years.
Once they were done, he checked the car and I was out of there rather quick.
I would recommend this place, because they don’t treat you like a number and respect your time.

Andrea – Yelp.com – June 27, 2016
Ray is fantastic! So happy to have found someone I trust. I don’t know much about cars but he treats me with respect and takes his time to explain everything.

Charolotte – Yelp.com – April 8, 2019
I’ve been to Ray 3-4 times for smog checks and repairs and I’ve always been impressed. The service is always fast and courteous. Most importantly, I’ve never felt pressured for unnecessary repairs and anything that Ray recommends he explains in depth so that even a person with no automotive expertise like me can understand. I’ve always felt like he’s given me a super fair price and he usually goes out of his way to check little things like tire pressure, etc. even when I’m just there for a smog check. He gives honest advice about whether the repairs are worth it and I can tell he’s not trying to pull a fast one like some mechanics. I’m happy to have a trustworthy, affordable mechanic!

Kay – Yelp.com – April 26, 2016
Came here for a Star Smog Check, Ray was very nice and helpful. He even filled up my right tire with air [cause] it looked low. Also gave me informative information on used wheels. Great experience here. Will definitely come back in the near future.

Veronica – Yelp.com – March 13, 2015
I love SNAP! My parents recommended them to me and I’ve been very happy with them. Ray is very nice, and patient, explaining everything to me. I don’t even live in the valley but I go to valley to get service at SNAP

Bakhrom YakubovGoogle.com – September 2014
Great service! Very professional, quick and no hustle. Came today for smog check, earlier I called them to know prices and availability, manager who answer the phone was very polite and nice, flat rate $40 and 15 min of work- Great Deal, save my time and make my day. Thank you very much for professional job.

Jared F. – Yelp.com – July 26, 2014
I needed a smog check. They took me right in and finished in about 15 or 20 minutes. It wasn’t the cheapest place I found but it was right next door to my apartment so it was convenient (it was also far from the most expensive). I’d recommend it if you’re in the neighborhood.

Keaton G. – Yelp.com – February 14, 2014
Bought a 1997 mazda miata mx 5 from Ray. Gave me a great deal on the car. Had few minor issues with the car after taking it to the track and Ray fixed all my issues and relaxed my brakes at cost. I bring my trans am and my kia here for all of their work now. Ray is an honest and upfront mechanic which I don’t say lightly. I almost never write reviews but I want to express my thanks to snap auto for keeping my cars running clean and track ready. Thanks Ray!

Angie Flores – Google.com – October 2014
I just moved to the neighborhood and needed a new shop where I can just drop off my car for my oil changes and services. I noticed these guys across the street when I was having lunch at Tony’s. Not to many reviews on Google so I yelped them first, and they had a handful of good reviews. So I dropped off my Sentra for an oil change. The mechanic, Mike, and Ray were really nice when they greeted me. I waited in their office and had some coffee, about 20 minutes later, my car was ready! They didn’t pull off any sales tactics to sell more services. Just charged me what they quoted me, $32 plus tax. I asked for a quote on a brake job and they charged about half of what the Miller Nissan was quoting me. I will be taking in my car next week for that brake job, Ohh, and they offered to give me a lift home and pick me up when my car would be ready. That’s awesome service in the neighborhood! Totally Recommend Snap!

Demetrio P. – Yelp.com – May 13, 2013
They were courteous and finished the Smog Check in the time promised.  Will definitely think of them as an option when my next check comes around.

Virginia O. – Yelp.com – November 5, 2012
I was visiting my boyfriend in Studio City and thought I’d go in for an oil change over there because my oil light started coming on and I panicked. They were super nice and extremely quick with the oil change. They didn’t try to up-sell me anything – even when they noticed I had a few things wrong with my aging VW. They respected I wanted to take my car in to my VW place on my side of town (I live in Los Feliz). But they pointed out the issues I had, explained what I should have done, how much it should be and were VERY informative about how often I should start putting oil into my aging car, etc.  I’m definitely going back to them when my car acts up again on that side of town…which I’m sure it will!

Josh G. – Yelp.com – September 23, 2012
Called ahead for a smog change, and they said to bring it right over — would have it done in 15 minutes.  Once there I inquired about an oil change as well.  Ray, the super friendly manager, said they could do both in a half hour or so.  25 minutes later I was out the door.

Ilana W. Yelp.com – August 8, 2012
Snap was great! I was desperate for an oil change (pushed it to 8K. Even though the anti-oil change website said I could go to 10K, my little car was not happy). I called a couple of places in the Valley. Not open on Saturdays, 1. 5 hour wait, don’t take appointments. Snap was exactly the opposite. Went in at 945am on a Saturday and left at 1015am. The mechanic Mike changed my oil, checked my tires, brakes, and didn’t give me a lecture for waiting so long to get my oil changed. Super easy, plus my car did seem to have some extra pep in her step after the visit. A great alternative to going to Jiffy Lube and having them tell you your car needs $500 worth of repairs when you go in for an oil change (true story).

Scott S. – Yelp.com – May 26, 2012
Ray is one of the most honest mechanics you’ll ever meet.  Hands down.  Super knowledgeable and very helpful.  I see a few people complaining here about prices.  My experiences here have always proven to be a good value. The work is top-quality and it comes with excellent advice on continued preventive maintenance.

Josi M. – Yelp.com – February 4, 2012

The mechanics were really nice and straightforward.  I got an oil change and smog check, and it was pretty quick.  It took a bit longer than estimated because they didn’t have the correct oil for my car, but it was still only an extra 15 minutes.  The best part?  I knew I had low tire pressure and asked them to put in some air, but they found a nail and fixed it for free.

Angie B. – Yelp.com – November 16, 2011
I went to Snap auto repair last week to get the transmission on my car looked at. The mechanics there were very helpful and nice. They told me exactly what I needed to get done and it cost me a lot less then other places, I had received 3 other estimaites and Snap Auto blew the competitors out of the water. They were also very quick and got my car back to me asap.

Great Service – By Isaac12456 (Yellowpages.com) – May 25, 2010

Ray and Sako are the best – By Gavrik (YellowPages.com)
Very reasonable prices and always on time service. Great guys! Thank you Ray and Sako!!!

Fast smog check and a nice guy‎‎ – By Dudley (Google Maps) – Apr 9, 2010
Henry was waiting for me when I got there. He told me it might take 15 but he did it in under 8. The smog check price was exactly what we agreed on and I was on my way. Best experience I have ever had getting a smog check: if you need one, this is the place to go.‎

Trust Worthy!‎‎ – By The Tetris (Google Maps) – Jun 13, 2009
Just got my coolent system fixed and a new battery, no gimmicks, no rip off.

LOWEST PRICES – By Tomycat (YellowPages.com) – April 14, 2008

A repair shop you can trust – By Butch M. (InsiderPages.com)
I go to Ray and Sako for quite a few years with my little car problems, even bought my last 2 cars there and I must say, I never trusted a car shop as much as I trust the guys at snap! It is not only the great service and fair prices I care about , also the friendly mannerism and respectful way of treating me as a customer! I would never go anywhere else to have my cars fixed or buy a used car and I would certainly recommend them any time to my friends!

Best Auto Guy – By Sandy C. (InsiderPages.com)
Auto shops are known for ripping people off !!!!! We went to this place after hearing good reports from a few friends. We had gone to some other Auto shops for a quote on some work we needed and Snap quoted a third of their prices. Many Auto shops charge outrageous prices and always find other things that need fixing to hike up the price. At Snap, they really are honest and actually work with you to keep the price down without sacfricing on the quality of the job. The people supplying their parts have low prices and the labor that Snap charges is low ,so you can’t lose. If something looks like it will need to be fixed soon they will let you know and also show you how to fix problems yourself and get the most out your vehicle.

PROS: Low prices and nice guys
CONS: None